Yuba-Sutter County DUI Court Location

The Yuba County Superior Court is located at 215 5th St #200 in Marysville, CA 95901. Their phone number is (530) 740-1800, and the court website can be found at http://www.yubacourts.org/.

Yuba County DUI Procedure

If you are charged with a DUI in Yuba County, your first court date (the arraignment) will be held in Department 2 on the morning calendar. If your matter is set for a pre-trial motion or trial, you will be sent to another department. Motions to suppress are typically held on Thursdays at 10:00 AM in Department 3.

Yuba County DUI Quirks

Unlike other Northern California counties, if your blood alcohol level is at or above a .20 in Yuba County, you will be required serve time in custody. This rule applies even if it is your first DUI. Therefore, it is important that you contact a Yuba County DUI lawyer who practices there regularly. Arguments such as the rising alcohol defense can be used by a skilled DUI attorney to convince the District Attorney that your blood alcohol level was lower than a .20 at the time of driving. In addition, while a Yuba County DUI attorney can appear on your behalf if you are charged with a misdemeanor DUI for all other appearances, you must be present in order to resolve your case and plea to charges.

Yuba County DUI Court Fines and Fees

At around $1,500, Yuba County DUI fines and fees are lower than most Northern California counties. The court reduces the fines and fees by $100 for each day you were in jail following your arrest. Most people charged with a DUI in Yuba County have at least one day credit, and therefore have their fine reduced by at least $100.

Yuba County Alcohol Program

The most popular Yuba County Alcohol Program is Pathways. Pathways is located at 430 Teegarden Ave in Yuba City, CA 95991. Their phone number is (530) 674-4530, and the company website can be found at http://www.yspathways.net/.
If you would like to complete the alcohol program outside of Yuba County, be sure to let your Yuba County DUI lawyer know so that they can make that request on your behalf.