Yolo County DUI

Yolo County DUI Court Location

The Yolo County Superior Court is located at 1000 Main St. in Woodland, CA 95695. Their phone number is (530) 406-6700, and the court website can be found at http://www.yolo.courts.ca.gov/.

Yolo County DUI Procedure

If you are charged with a DUI in Yolo County, your first court date (the arraignment) will be held in Department 1 on the morning calendar. If your matter is set for a pre-trial motion or trial, you will be sent to another department upstairs.

Yolo County DUI Court Fines and Fees

At around $3,200, Yolo County DUI fines and fees are amongst the highest in Northern California. However, you may elect to wear SCRAM (an ankle monitor that tracks alcohol intake) and have the fines and fees reduced to $1,958.

Serving a Yolo County DUI Sentence Out of Custody

Yolo County offers alternative custody programs through the sheriff’s department. It is referred to as S.W.I.P. (Sheriff’s Working Inmate Program). This is a work release program that allows you to convert jail time to performing work for the county. Much like the Yolo County DUI fines and fees, S.W.I.P. is expensive. The application fee is $45. This must be paid in the exact cash amount or postal money order; checks, ATM, and credit cards are not accepted. The program fee is $340, and must be paid within 45 days of signing up.

Yolo County also offered home custody/electronic surveillance. This program confines you to your home, but allows you to continue to work or attend school. The application fee is $70. If you have 1-15 days to serve, it is a flat fee of $175. If you have over 15 days to serve, it is $12-$15/day ($3/day in addition if done with a sobrietor).

It is critical that you consult with Yolo County DUI lawyer when setting everything up. You must report to the Work Program Office within 7 days of being sentenced. The office is located at the Leinberger Center Administration Office at 2420 E. Gibson Road in Woodland, CA 95776. Their phone number is (530) 668-5260.They are open Monday-Friday 8AM-12PM/1PM-4PM.

When you go to the Work Program Office, be sure to bring:

  • Copy of your Court Paperwork
    Minute and Commitment Sheet
  • Valid Driver’s License or other Government Issued Identification

If you would like to serve your sentence outside of Yolo County, be sure to let your Yolo County DUI attorney know so that they can make that request on your behalf.

Yolo County Alcohol Program

If you would like to complete the alcohol program outside of Yuba County, be sure to let your Yuba County DUI lawyer know so that they can make that request on your behalf.