Sacramento County DUI

Charged with a DUI in Sacramento County? Read below for information regarding the Sacramento Superior Court location, Sacramento DUI Departments, as well as Sacramento County DUI alcohol and alternative sentencing programs.

Sacramento County Superior Court Location

The Sacramento Superior Court is located at 720 9th Street in Sacramento, CA 95814. There is metered street parking that surrounds the courthouse, as well as a paid garage(s) and parking lots.


DUI cases in Sacramento County are normally heard in Department 3, 4, or 8. Departments 3 and 4 handle misdemeanor cases, while Department 8 handles felony cases. All three departments are located on the second floor of the Sacramento Superior Court. If your case is set for trial, you will be sent to Department 9. From Department 9, you will be sent to a Department upstairs depending on courtroom availability.

For more information, visit the Sacramento Superior Court Website.


The fines and fees for a 1st DUI in Sacramento are $480 + Penalties and Assessments. This results in a fine of $2,400.


For a 1st DUI in Sacramento, you will have to take a 3, 6, or 9 month alcohol class depending on what your BAC is:

  • .08-.14 = 3 month program
  • .15-19 = 6 month program
  • .20 and above or chemical test refusal = 9 month program
  • For 2nd (or more) DUI, you will be required to complete the 18 month SB-38 program.


Breining Institute

The Breining Institute offers the Wet, Reckless and First Offender Programs. Therefore, if you are ordered to take the SB-38 program, you must find another program. The Breining Institute is located at:

  • 2775 Cottage Way, Suite 25 in Sacramento, CA 95825
    (916) 972-8175 (English)
  • 8894 Greenback Lane in Orangevale, CA 95662
    (916) 987-0662 (English)
  • 3137 Dwight Road in Elk Grove, CA 95758
    (916) 422-2408 (English)
  • 2360 East Bidwell Street, Suite 107, in Folsom, CA 95630
    (916) 987-0622 (English)


This program offers the Wet, Reckless, First and Multiple Offender Program(s), as well as Drug Rehab:

  • Drug Rehab, Wet, Reckless, First and Multiple Offender Program(s)
    • 3612 Madison Avenue, Suite 29, in North Highlands, CA 95660
      (916) 338-6835 (English)
    • 4241 Florin Road, Suite 110, in Sacramento, CA 95823
      (916) 394-2320 (English/Spanish)
  • Wet, Reckless, First and Multiple Offender Program(s) ONLY (No Drug Rehab)
    • 545 Industrial Drive, Suite 110, in Galt, CA 95632
      (209) 744-2546 (English/Spanish)

Terra Nova DDP

This program offers the Wet, Reckless, First and Multiple Offender programs. However, certain programs are only offered at certain locations:

  • First Offender Program Only
    • 5750 Sunrise Boulevard in Citrus Heights, CA 95610
      (916) 239-6379 (English)
      Only offered on Friday/Saturday
  • Wet, Reckless, First and Multiple Offender Program(s)
    • 1025 19th Street, #2, in Sacramento, CA 95811
      (916) 444-5680 (English)
    • 4700 Northgate Boulevard, Suite 122, in Sacramento, CA 95834
      (916) 564-0600 (English)

Safety Center, Inc.

All Safety Center, Inc. locations offer English/Spanish/Russian services. Their alternative phone number is (800) 825-7262. They can be found at:

  • 3909 Bradshaw Road in Sacramento, CA 95827
    (916) 438-3360
  • 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive, Suite 1625, in Citrus Heights, CA 95610
    (916) 721-3748
    No 3 month program offered


If you’re convicted of a DUI in Sacramento County, you’ll be sentenced to “time.” Whether your “time” must be served in custody depends on the circumstances of your case. For a 1st DUI in Sacramento, you typically don’t have to do any time in custody. For a 2nd DUI, you must do at least 4 days in custody. Finally, for a 3rd DUI, you must do a minimum of 6 days in custody.

The Sacramento County Sheriff runs a Work Release Program that allows you to serve your time out of custody outside of any required in custody time.