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May 03, 2017

Marijuana Law Compliance and Legality Issues

This past election, California passed the "Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act" or better known as the "Adult Use of Marijuana Act." Although recreational use and entrepreneurial avenues have had their shackles broken free by the state of California, it's still illegal to possess, cultivate, distribute, and manufacture marijuana under federal law.

Even if you're within strict compliance with California law, you and your business will remain at risk to be inflicted with federal criminal charges. Following the criminal charges for your cannabis commerce ambitions, your business will be shut down, and your assets will be seized by the federal government. However, there are methods to avoid such harsh charges while achieving compliance and maintaining good standing with California's legal guidelines, as well as the federal government.

Informative Legal Guide for Marijuana Entrepreneurs

This short guide is essential for anyone that wants to become a marijuana entrepreneur. The California recreational marijuana industry is projected to be a multibillion dollar industry. The guide provides a working knowledge of Proposition 64, the initiative which lays the groundwork for local municipalities to establish their own rules and regulations governing the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and consumption of recreational cannabis. Understanding Prop 64, therefore, is essential to predicting local cannabis regulations in order to the hit the ground running as a marijuana entrepreneur.

Learn more about how you can navigate through the newly passed proposition 64 with a resource available to you thanks to Attorney Kocot. Please contact us to download the Marijuana Law Pocket Guide Pocket Guide.

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